Video Editing: Perks and no Perils (so far)

            Months ago, I was one of the few who were left without an OJT site. I have counted the remaining days several times, trying to measure out if I could still finish the required 200 hours. I was on panic, willing to go anywhere just to kill that time. I was willing to do any office works, any job at all, setting myself a last resort that if everything else fails; I will go back to Inquirer Bandera as an intern police reporter, the OJT post I held during the first semester.

            I have always thought of having my second internship dedicated into learning more about video editing, graphics and practice of editing software widely used at different media companies such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and MPEG Stream Clip. Everything that I wanted to learn, I wanted to do, I got it all at my internship period at Ideal Minds Corporation.

Ideal Minds Corporation is a production company. It accepts projects from different companies such as Sketchers, Caltrate, Globe and even Coca Cola. They do advertisements, commercials, infographics for seminars and events, professionally made Audio and Visual Presentations and even event coverages.

I was assigned as the lone intern at the Post Production department. During my stint as a video editor, I was able to do a lot of videos for, an online video channel and one of the ventures of IMC to attract clients. The first project that I have done at my VERY first day was the 5-minuter video K-Pop Convention 2012. It was published at the website the next day.

After that project, I have done offline video editing into several shows. I have done Para Kay Ninoy video, the Caltrate Women’s month special project and a Who’s that Girl plug.

Under the tutelage of the company’s master editors, Bna Ignacio and Dos Ocampo and graphic artist, Nelle Pangilinan, I have learned the technical sides of video editing. I have learned a lot about Final Cut Pro. I was familiarized into several production terms that was not taught to us much at the college such as “sitners,” UPSOT’s, soundbytes, dumping files and syncing videos.

Although these technicals were not taught to us at the college, I have somehow acquired an edge, a very sharp and advantageous edge as a video editor thanks to my writing professors’ teachings. I know how to tell stories using videos and raw materials alone. My offline editing somehow makes sense even without the scripts given by the director. I have always thought that these bits of creativity and sense of story were taught to me at my years at the College of Communication.

So much for the editing, I have also made a bunch of friends during my stay at the company. It was a circle of friends that I never expected I would have. Imagine having cameramen, production assistants, directors, video editors, freelance creative writers and a webmaster for a company. I have learned a lot from them, how to use cameras, how to be at a live streaming show, how to run to and fro to buy things, how wonderful it feels to have free food and be treated like a V.I.P. during the Caltrate Special Project. I have really had a great time at Ideal Minds.

I have learned a lot of ethical standards at work. Punctuality is really important especially at production. A deadline is a deadline and you only have two choices: beat it or be earlier. Mediocrity is also not an option. You always have to be in your best because what is best for you might just be only good for your director and when you did your best, you will always reap good rewards (like free lunch.) perseverance, patience and blending with different people is also important, not only in production but also into other businesses.

I experienced the life at the corporate world. Ortigas Center is one of the centers of corporate world in the country, and this is where I spent my time during my internship. I was familiarized with the routine of the corporate people there. I learned not to go at a lunch break at exactly 12nn or else you will experience the clatter of people at fast food chains and restaurants. I learned not to go home at 7pm because of the rush hour and the advisable time of going home is about 9pm onwards. I had somehow adjusted myself to the notorious EDSA traffic that you should be the one to adjust on it. If you want to reach the office by 9am, you should be on your way by 7am. In short, you should be the one that is adjusting for the world, not the world adjusting for your convenience.

Most of all, I have learned that I love this kind of job. This is one of the things that I enjoy to the point that I do not mind going home so late (11pm is the earliest time that I reach home when I have projects) or have myself quite exhausted. I always receive a pat on the shoulder from my directors and fellow video editors when I do my projects.

This is my career, and this is what I will pursue after the graduation.


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