Video Editing: Perks and no Perils (so far)

            Months ago, I was one of the few who were left without an OJT site. I have counted the remaining days several times, trying to measure out if I could still finish the required 200 hours. I was on panic, willing to go anywhere just to kill that time. I was willing to do any office works, any job at all, setting myself a last resort that if everything else fails; I will go back to Inquirer Bandera as an intern police reporter, the OJT post I held during the first semester.

            I have always thought of having my second internship dedicated into learning more about video editing, graphics and practice of editing software widely used at different media companies such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe After Effects and MPEG Stream Clip. Everything that I wanted to learn, I wanted to do, I got it all at my internship period at Ideal Minds Corporation.

Ideal Minds Corporation is a production company. It accepts projects from different companies such as Sketchers, Caltrate, Globe and even Coca Cola. They do advertisements, commercials, infographics for seminars and events, professionally made Audio and Visual Presentations and even event coverages.

I was assigned as the lone intern at the Post Production department. During my stint as a video editor, I was able to do a lot of videos for, an online video channel and one of the ventures of IMC to attract clients. The first project that I have done at my VERY first day was the 5-minuter video K-Pop Convention 2012. It was published at the website the next day.

After that project, I have done offline video editing into several shows. I have done Para Kay Ninoy video, the Caltrate Women’s month special project and a Who’s that Girl plug.

Under the tutelage of the company’s master editors, Bna Ignacio and Dos Ocampo and graphic artist, Nelle Pangilinan, I have learned the technical sides of video editing. I have learned a lot about Final Cut Pro. I was familiarized into several production terms that was not taught to us much at the college such as “sitners,” UPSOT’s, soundbytes, dumping files and syncing videos.

Although these technicals were not taught to us at the college, I have somehow acquired an edge, a very sharp and advantageous edge as a video editor thanks to my writing professors’ teachings. I know how to tell stories using videos and raw materials alone. My offline editing somehow makes sense even without the scripts given by the director. I have always thought that these bits of creativity and sense of story were taught to me at my years at the College of Communication.

So much for the editing, I have also made a bunch of friends during my stay at the company. It was a circle of friends that I never expected I would have. Imagine having cameramen, production assistants, directors, video editors, freelance creative writers and a webmaster for a company. I have learned a lot from them, how to use cameras, how to be at a live streaming show, how to run to and fro to buy things, how wonderful it feels to have free food and be treated like a V.I.P. during the Caltrate Special Project. I have really had a great time at Ideal Minds.

I have learned a lot of ethical standards at work. Punctuality is really important especially at production. A deadline is a deadline and you only have two choices: beat it or be earlier. Mediocrity is also not an option. You always have to be in your best because what is best for you might just be only good for your director and when you did your best, you will always reap good rewards (like free lunch.) perseverance, patience and blending with different people is also important, not only in production but also into other businesses.

I experienced the life at the corporate world. Ortigas Center is one of the centers of corporate world in the country, and this is where I spent my time during my internship. I was familiarized with the routine of the corporate people there. I learned not to go at a lunch break at exactly 12nn or else you will experience the clatter of people at fast food chains and restaurants. I learned not to go home at 7pm because of the rush hour and the advisable time of going home is about 9pm onwards. I had somehow adjusted myself to the notorious EDSA traffic that you should be the one to adjust on it. If you want to reach the office by 9am, you should be on your way by 7am. In short, you should be the one that is adjusting for the world, not the world adjusting for your convenience.

Most of all, I have learned that I love this kind of job. This is one of the things that I enjoy to the point that I do not mind going home so late (11pm is the earliest time that I reach home when I have projects) or have myself quite exhausted. I always receive a pat on the shoulder from my directors and fellow video editors when I do my projects.

This is my career, and this is what I will pursue after the graduation.


Post? Or not to post?

Post? or not to post?

On Hawie Severino’s “Think before you click” campaign, several online users commented about bad experiences they had, especially those who are bitten by hurtful messages that almost destruct their dignity and privacy. Reason why some choose to block out their account and totally leave socializing online.

          There maybe consequences or influence that took place after encountering such cyber bad acts. The person, who received the message, may feel insecure, shy and emotional. Truthfully; jokes, pranks and quoted materials are meant to be shared because they are funny and happy to be read, however there are online users who are bit sensitive around and they felt as if you were throwing stones in front of their faces. It’s not about being killjoy or what have you, but a somewhat safety reminders that uniqueness in everybody’s heart and appearance.

  Worse or even alarming is, when you post disgusted, impurity and indecent photos and videos that in certain point in time got your own nerve to be flashed in toilets and break your respect with colleagues and families. Most especially if you have carried your own camera in a wide-public place and caught you to do something bad – stolen shot, worst is the right term to describe.

          Then you will think of your second plan which is to upload those photos, edited with funny quotes or symbols to assume, it will be therefore seen by hundreds of onsite users and each will give their degraded comments. Systematized right? But all are wrong, in a sense that it gives criticism, discrimination, pessimism, isolation and rationalism in effect.

              Imagine yourself sleeping while snoring or in times where you are out of yourself and suddenly, your colleagues make fun of you. They post your photos with lipstick around your face or video while snoring out loud. It is not funny right? Similarly, when you do it on others. Exaggeration it may occur, but then again, nothing tiny cute bonfire when it comes to an explosion of fire. Huge accusations starts from “nah!, it’s just a very simple thing, why give it a deal?” and ends with “…from now on you will be…blah…blah…”(negative consequences).

Simple statement this article would like to leave for you, online living is as simple as “do not post other photos on others, if you don’t like your photos be posted on others”


Rated SPG

Rated SPG

“The following program contains themes and scenes that are not suitable for very young audiences, Strictly Parental Guidance is advice.

Did you know that aside from drugs, there are cases that a person can be an addict? Yes, believe it or not, Television as the primary multimedia that views different shows is also addictive.

According to statistics,  81% of Filipinos watches T.V. for almost 24 hours or a day. Most of teenagers watch shows that are for adults only appear to have an effect on their life. For the record, most of teenagers who experienced early pregnancy confessed that they are watching for-adults-only programs, they also revealed that watching pornographic shows truly affect their life specifically boys.

          Only regret comes in the end and to avoid it, The Movie and Television Review and Classification Board  (MTRCB) have a solution that will overcome many issues like that.

The Rated SPG known to be as Rated Strictly Parental Guidance, an advisory that promotes an anti-addictive for Television or a reminder to guide your kids in watching what is consider prohibited. There are cases why they must not be viewed by very young audiences; The Theme shows that are related to romance, couples, relationships and other similar to that.

The language, various words can be heard particularly in reality programs, debate, and action shows.

Sexual is another case, TV shows which have a highly-exposed scene that are strongly prohibited.

Violence is also a case – a serious case, majority of kids acquire a bad habits of watching shows with violence, where in fact; they are likely to fight their friends, playmates, classmates and even their elder siblings. These were the worst reality that every audience should take notice of, specially the adults and guardians.

As early as three years old, several children come across watching horror films and programs. There are cases where they create certain imagination that is far from the reality. Sometimes they begun thinking the opposite way, having the character of being courageous, they are most likely be a coward instead. It certainly has an affect as an individual, they became unconfident of themselves, and a possibility produced tensions, anxiety, and pressure towards other people.


Finally, kids should avoid watching TV programs that contains drug addiction. News programs that contain drug abuse, raids and criminals are most capable in reporting such contents; however they are not rated as SPG because they are primary source of information for people and besides they follow certain format on how it will appear ethically.

Themes, Language, Sexual, Violence, Horror, and drugs; they all represent one vision and that is to be a smarter and wiser viewer that do not too dig into the shows and too addictive to television.



For the betterment, there are shows which your kids may patronize and lose nothing, purely entertainment and essential information only. General Patronage, TV programs that are hundred percent for kids. Cartoons like Sailor moon, Tom & Jerry, Blues Clues, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Dora the explorer, and the like; shows that are about the kids, Batibot, Potchi, and similar to that.


Parental Guidance however, is both for kids and adults which entails lesson and valuable information. This intervenes the youngsters and young at heart; shows like TV patrol, Unang Hirit, Umagang kay Ganda, 24 Oras,  Its showtime, Kusina Master, Eat bulaga, E-boy, Biritera, Alice Bungisngis and her wonder walis, Budoy, Walang Hanggan, Legacy,  Dong Yi and etc…

Both shows can be watches from primary channel station or be in cable; however, our chief audiences are the average and typical Filipinos who can afford the basic channeling. Only in the Philippines through MTRCB, that can promote the reminders or advice, but in other countries that views through cable channel, does not contain the campaign.

          So viewers, what are you watching there? Will you be the next victim of addictive Television? If so, better think earlier before you push the remote control. Happy viewing friends. Enjoy!!!

=always. wallnot 😀

Medicinal plants approved by the DOH

Here are the list of ten herbal medicines that has the approval of the DOH. Hopefully that one of the said medicines will be very useful and practical for our living and may lighten our expenses especially nowadays that medicines are very expensive.

  1. Akapulko (Cassia alata) a medicinal plant called “ringworm bush or schrub” and “acapulco” in English, this Philippine herbal medicine is used to treat tinea infections, insect bites, ringworms, eczema, scabies and itchiness.


  2. Ampalaya (Momordica charantia) Common names include “bitter melon ” or “bitter gourd ” in English. This Philippine herbal medicine has been found to be effective in the treatment of diabetes (diabetes mellitus), hemofrhoids, coughs, burns and scalds, and being studied for anti-cancer properties.


  3. Bawang (Allium sativum) Common name in english is “Garlic”. Bawang is a used in Philippine herbal medicine to treat infection with antibacterial, antiinflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-hypertensive properties. It is widely used to reduce cholesterol level in blood.


  4. Bayabas (Psidium guajava) – “Guava” in English. A Philippine herbal medicine used as antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, antioxidant hepatoprotective, anti-allergy, antimicrobial, anti-plasmodial, anti-cough, antidiabetic, and antigenotoxic in folkloric medicine.


  5. Lagundi (Vitex negundo) – known as “5-leaved chaste tree” in english is used in Philippine herbal medicine to treat cough, colds and fever. It is also used as a relief for asthma & pharyngitis, rheumatism, dyspepsia, boils, and diarrhea.


  6. Niyog-niyogan (Quisqualis indica L.) – is a vine known as “Chinese honey suckle”. This Philippine herbal medicine is used to eliminate intestinal parasites.


  7. Sambong (Blumea balsamifera)– English name: “Ngai camphor or Blumea camphor” is a Philippine herbal medicine used to treat kidney stones, wounds and cuts, rheumatism, anti-diarrhea, anti spasms, colds and coughs and hypertension


  8. Tsaang Gubat (Ehretia microphylla Lam.) – English :”Wild tea” is a Philippine herbal medicine taken as tea to treat skin allergies including eczema, scabies and itchiness wounds in child birth

    Tsaang Gubat

  9. Ulasimang Bato | Pansit-Pansitan (Peperomia pellucida)is a Phillipine herbal medicine known for its effectivity in treating arthritis and gout.


  10. Yerba Buena (Clinopodium douglasii) – commonly known as Peppermint, is used in Philippine herbal medicine as analgesic to relive body aches and pain due to rheumatism and gout. It is also used to treat coughs, colds and insect bites

    Yerba Buena


Debut Dress that is perfect for you!

What is the most important part in preparing a debut party for the girls? We may have different answers but we can all agree that choosing a perfect dress is the highlight of the celebration. Girls are very particular in this part because the dress will play a big role  especially that this will post an everlasting impression to the people who take part in every girls maturity. So here are the few tips in choosing a perfect dress for your one of the biggest stage of your life that suit your style and personality.


Drop Waist

This cut is perfect for straight bodies. It elongates a short torso and nips the waistline. The Drop Waist has a feminine shape, adding curve to thick waists.

Drop Waist

Two Piece

This style is the most versatile, taking you to your debut party and beyond. Pair the skirt with a tank top and go to a friend’s debut. Wear the top with black pants and  you are ready for cocktails!

Two Piece


If you have a flair for drama, this style is ideal for you!  The neckline flatters broad shoulders while the hem lengthens a petite and full frame.



For skinny frames, this ballgown is a great outfit because it adds volume to your body. The thickness of its petticoat can be adjusted according to how much volume you need.



Minimalist and modern, this simple style best suits slender bodies.



Elegant and sculptural in its simplicity, it’s foolproof in bringing wide hips, a full figure, heavy thighs and a petite frame back into proportion.



A tricky cut as it clings onto every curve.  It’s sexy on toned bodies, hourglass figures and adds shape to lean women.

Bias cut


Evoking old world glamour, this romantic and feminine shape adds height if you’re petite, curves if you’re boxy, and camouflages a thick waist.


Easy Cleaning Tips Just for you!

Having a hard time cleaning your stuffs? Frustrated with the dirt that stick to your things like a leach? Confused on how to remove the stains in your favorite shirt? Well, this is the perfect  place for you. Read this and you might get tips on how to clean your home, clothing, stuffs and other things that is important to you in a less consuming time.

Ring around the collar

Dirty neck rings around shirt or blouse collars can be removed by putting shampoo on them. Rub the shampoo in like you were washing your hair. Shampoo is specifically made to remove body oils. A cheap bottle of shampoo kept by the washing machine is handy for all kinds of stains in clothing. Don’t forget this trick when you are traveling.

Cleaning Scuff Marks

Use 3 tbsp. Of TSP (trisodium phosphate) to a gallon of water to clean scuff marks or crayon marks off walls. TSP can be found in the paint department of a hardware store. Wear gloves and do not use on semi-gloss or gloss paint or wood surfaces.

Removing Blood from Furniture

Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood from clothing or furniture. Rub gently.

Dusting Tip

Use paint brushes to dust cracks and hard to reach places in telephones, stereos, etc.

Removing Candle Wax from Walls

Candle wax can be removed from walls or other surfaces with an iron and facial tissue. Set the tissue over the wax and gently iron. When the wax seeps through or the tissue begins to brown, apply a new tissue.

Removing Blood Stains

Corn starch can remove blood stains. Rinse the stain in cold water, then rub in moistened cornstarch. Place the item in the sun.

Removing Gum

Gum can be removed using ice to harden and a dull knife to remove.

Cleaning Window Screens

Nylon covered sponges are great for cleaning window screens.

Removing Smoke Odor

Place a bowl of vinegar out to absorb smoke odor.

Repairing Cigarette Burns in Carpets

Cigarette burns in carpeting can be repaired by cutting the blackened fibers from the hole. Squeeze liquid glue into the hole and fill with fibers trimmed from carpet remnants.

Repairing Small Holes in Window Screens

Clear nail polish will repair small holes in window screens.

Killing Flies

Hair spray will kill flies.

Window Painting Tip

Newspaper strips when wetted can be used around windows when painting, in place of masking tape. Remove strips before they dry out.

Cleaning Shower Mats

Dip a stiff brush in a kerosene and warm water solution to clean bath and shower mats.

Easy Bathroom Cleaning

Clean after a steamy bath or shower. The walls, fixtures, etc., will be much easier to clean because the steam will have loosened the dirt.

Cleaning the Sink

  • For light stains, rub with a fresh cut lemon.
  • For dark stains (like rust) rub with a paste of borax and lemon juice

Cleaning Toilet Bowl

  • Clean the toilet bowl while you’re away by pouring in 1/4 cup bleach and leaving it until you return.
  • Keep the toilet bowl ring-free by pouring a half-gallon of white vinegar in it once a month. Let it soak overnight before flushing.
  • Don’t use bleach if you’re already using a tank-held cleaner that’s released when the toilet is flushed. The two may react chemically.
  • To avoid clogging and odors, pour one cup baking soda down the bowl weekly.
Hopefully this few tips will be very helpful to everybody. Household chores is very frustrating but with this easy tips, we can enjoy this job.


Vince Golangco: The Disk Jockey Blogger

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Ever heard of the event called Blogapalooza? Well, if one may know, it is an event where bloggers and online entrepreneurs meet. For online people, it is indeed a big event! This is where you can find opportunities for your online business.

Whose brainchild is this big event? None other than Vince Golangco.

If you are a blogger, it is very great and perhaps a MUST to meet your fellow. That is what I realized when I was able to meet and have an interview with one of the finest of Philippine bloggers’ world, not to mention the founder of one of the Philippines’ most anticipated gathering for bloggers.


Vince is a blogger, at the same time, a DJ for Mellow FM 94.7. During my time for his interview, he is currently on air for his morning show called The Wake Up Show with Jim Paredes as his guest for the day.

I was absolutely in awe with the way he speaks English, so natural and fluent, far too good for a Filipino DJ. He can also throw up jokes on air, which was good to keep the listeners entertained.


If he really does well for being a DJ, he’s up to the same level with the way he is as a blogger.

He is the editor-in-chief and creative director of the site He graduated at the San Diego State University (which explains his fluent English) with a bachelor’s degree in Communication minor in business.

When asked about his specialty in writing, he simple said that he almost writes about everything, but what takes his interest most is travel.

For him, a blogger must not only focus on Facebook friends or Twitter followers. That is but a small, microscopic part of the billion and more people online around the world, who must be the MAIN targets of your blog site. Knowledge about the SEO must be in a mind of a blogger. Always aim for the whole online community because it is not only your friends who are used to going online, searching blogs. Not only them, but actually the WHOLE WORLD.

SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is the formula used by search engines such as to determine which sites are the most important. If a blog site is at the top of a search, it is likely for that site to get a lot of hits. He added that it is also important to put a lot of common words in your title, so that it will be easily dragged if somebody will search online.

When it comes to income, according to Vince, advertisements from Google are the main source. The others are deal with other companies. One of these instances was when a company asked him to Twit something and he will be paid P6000 for it. Well, guess that was one cool way of getting profit, right? A lot of connection with companies, such as Coca Cola, etc can really help a lot for income generations, especially online, when they would need some advertisements.



If somebody would watch the news after a day of the series of transport strikes, one will see commuters complaining, the government assuring that they would do something to solve the problem and the strikers begging for a fare increase and complaining about the never ending oil price hike. Reading between the lines, though, from a radical point of view, there are more pressing problems the Filipinos need to see.

The impeachment trial against Chief Justice Renato Corona has been running for more than a month now. This is almost synonymous with the fact that it has been more than a month now since the government had turned deaf ears at more pressing problems grasping the Philippine society and focused a lot of energy of oppressing the independence of the Judiciary. Why waste a lot of time for removing an official from his post while a lot of Filipinos are starving, jobless and uneducated? Why argue about the unmatched SALN’s and actual properties instead of listening to the complaints of the jeepney drivers at the streets? Why make the prosecution of an official on time while delaying the promised decision at cases such as fare increases or the decrease of oil prices? Why sacrifice a lot for the straight road, while people following you are starving and too exhausted to follow your path?

For commuters, yesterday’s strike is not something to worry about. A lot of jeepney drivers decided not to join the strike, thinking about the income they will lose for the day if they will bother to join. Moreover, several government agencies provided “free rides” for the commuters affected by the strike.

But what about the jeepney drivers who had joined?

They were thinking of the change that might come if they joined, hoping the government will hear the complaints of the drivers’ sector for a fare increase and a solution for the weekly oil price increase. Unfortunately, that was not they got.

Instead of being given a solution, all these drivers got were sneers from commuters and jeering from the government that their attempts of dislodging the transports were useless, since only a few drivers had joined. For a logical thinking, this is not what it was supposed to be. This kind of reaction to such thing is very childish.

These drivers are not doing a transport strike for the sake of denying people transportation. They are shouting something. They want a solution for the problem of oil price increases. And there are the commuters and the authorities, almost laughing at them. Seriously, those reactions are simple PROVOKING.

We should not look at the aftermath of the strike and the effects of it. We should find a way to STOP IT! It annoys a lot of people, getting no transports for the day, late for work and school because there are no jeepneys or buses around the streets. STRIKES ARE ANNOYING! THEY ARE NOT FUNNY! Why laugh at it? WE SHOULD FIND A WAY TO STOP IT! Drivers are supposed to be driving at the streets, not planking across it, or barricading the motorists!

Why reach the point that the drivers will plank and create noise all over the streets? Why reach the point that they need to deny commuters transports? Why reach the point that they will need to barricade EDSA or other major streets of Metro Manila, much to the annoyance of the motorists? Have the people gone numb enough not to see such things as something bothering, but instead ordinary?

Why reach the point that they need to violate motorists’ and commuters’ rights just to be heard? Are we that numb? After several strikes for the past several years, can the government still ignore it?

They did not have a strike for nothing. It had cost a lot for the drivers. They need to give up that day’s work and will not have an income for the day because they joined the strike. The drivers are not the only ones who gave up something. Universities and schools at all levels suspended their classes because of the lack of transports for the students and teachers alike.

Why do all of these things have to happen?

What the strikers want is the government to raise solutions, not an eyebrow to solve the problem. The drivers have done their part, they showed the problem. Now it’s up to the authorities to have a solution for it.




NOTE: I will write this blog from my point of view. I am not writing this to offend anybody. Aside from I am writing this for the sake of updating this Wallnot blog we’re doing. I just want to shout out my views about the ‘nth transport strike that happened yesterday. I never meant this blog to be libelous but be mind-opening.

Killin’ Time in the Internet

Today is you’re “Online Day” You have posted comments to almost all the posts of your friends. You have liked almost all the posted photos, watched all those videos, downloaded the files you want to have, read all those blogs, done all those research and already made your friends laugh with your very cool status and tweet for the day.

Why the FROWN?

Why? Because everyday is an “Online Day” for you. Day by day, blog after blog, one download after another, it is just another monotonous cycle. It’s the same old video you are watching, same old blogging site you are reading, same old social networking site you roam into for hours, and then what?

Have you ever heard of What about Ever happened to stumble upon these quirky sites? If you have not, feel good to know that you are about to break the monotonous “Online Days” that you have had!


Are you a big fan of Star Wars? Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? Watched them all for not less than 10 times and finally gave up of seeing the same old story of Frodo and the Ring, of You-Know-Who and Harry Potter? Want to see them in a FUNNY  WAY?

This is the website where geeks laugh out loud, where Optimus Prime can be seen very annoyed, where Gandalf tells a joke and where Gollum is a superstar!

If you can relate to the unusual nature of the statements above, then 9gags is the website for you! It is some kind of a comedy website that was launched in 2008, which almost instantly became a website known to many browsers around the world. This website is best known for the recurring use of internet memes (some kind of an idea, a culture of sorts that spread from one person to another inside a certain kind of culture.), which originate from other sites and its many users. It is somehow like Tumblr, only funnier!

If you want something you can laugh and relate into, then this is the website just for you! Just take some control, though! This website can be VERY addictive, but DEFINITELY ENTERTAINING!


Ever tried to play on with graphics in the Internet? OF COURSE NOT! Unless you know about the website, Mr.doob, for sure you have played with some graphics, anyway!

Mouse is the important tool of the game at this website! It provides several 2D and 3D graphic tricks that will surely grab and take away your time and attention! Be sure that you’ve got the right video card for your computer, though, because some of the graphics need it! But trust all trusts, this is a very cool website! Find out more by clicking at this link:



Like our mother, our daddy is also important part of our life and with that,  we should find  great promos and a bulk treat for our beloved father. Free for father is the best. Blowouts and happy surprises like relaxing vacation or massage, an effective celebration with friends and family with sing-a-long and if you are rich for good, enough gift of gadgets or even a hand watch can do. Happy Daddy Day!!!






One of the very special person in our life is our beloved mother, and so to make them happy for this special day, we should treat them in a high class with special service. This time, we should not be thrifty because its one in a lifetime opportunity to tell our mother how grateful we are with her. Make-over, going out with a classy restaurant, buying new clothes or even jewelry, and giving flowers with cards and kisses, you may try these or make your settings more satisfying and of course loving. Happy mommy day…






Be cool to school!!! new uniform, shoes, bags and books. Several students preferred new school supplies, things which most of our parents should face challengingly. There are also type of students who want many choices, they don’t satisfy with what is there. So, to help you with your problem we recommend you to look for promotions that are already in package, also choose which of them will best fit to your children, take note that every time a school days will arrive, several supermarkets are declaring sales and bargains and if I were you, better watch out and maybe you’ll got late. Go parents, Go students…



Thank you for the likes and comments to our recent posted blogs, we do hope that beyond the clicks and comments we would have a walnut world and make it a better one. Lots of love and kisses….

-wallnut team